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The Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences has three Physics Labs. These well-equipped spaces are used to help students better understand the theoretical concepts they encounter in the classroom. Students are taught how to use different equipment to measure and calculate different physical variables. They are also trained in scientific methods and approaches. 

Physics Lab 1

Particulars of the Facility

Total area of the lab: 65 sq m

Salient Features
Sl. NoName of the FacilitySpecificationsQuantity
1Thermal diffusivity measurementbrass1 No.
2Stefans constant determination1 No.
3Thermal relaxation measurement10W Bulb1 No.
4Thermal and electrical conductivity measurementcopper1 No.
5low Heat Resistance measurementused with lock in amplifier1 No.
6OscillatorModel: SEG 2013 No.
7Carey foster bridge1meter3 No.
8GalvanometerMR 100,0−30 divisions3 No.
9Resistance box10000,1000,100 ohms and 2ohm and 0.5 – 2ohm18 No.
10IC Regulated battery eliminatorRange: 2 – 12V DC/2A3 No.
11Regulated Power supply30V & 3A1 No.
12Temperature ControllerUp to 400c1 No.
13Constant current sourcelow current 0 – 20mA & high Current 20mA- 500mA2 No.
14Signal generator30Hz to 300KHz2 No.
15DC Differential amplifiers4 inputs2 No.
16AC BridgesMaxwell, Anderson etc1 No.
17Capacitor boxupto 250pF1 No.
18Lock in Amplifierupto 10kHz and 250microvolt1 No.
19Power amplifiers30 – 30kHz & 10W1 No.
20Insert for calibration of secondary thermometerssilicon diode and copper-constant thermocouple1 No.
21Insert for temperature coefficient of resistancecopper and band gap of semiconductor1 No.
22Capacitor measuring circuitCapacitance meter1 No.
23Cylindrical Capacitor jarto measure dielectric constant of liquids1 No.
24Mutual inductance coilused with lock in amplifier1 No.
25Variable Loadused with lock in amplifier1 No.
26Calibration for differential amplifiersused with lock in amplifier1 No.
27Circuit for Filtershigh, low and band pass1 No.
28Insert for verification for Currie lawFerro electric material1 No.
30Tubular furnaceupto 400c1 No.
31Gamma Ray SpectrometerGR6121 No.
32Scintillation DetectorsSD151/152/152W1 No.
33Sliding bench with scintillation detector stand & source stand1 No.
34Gamma Reference Standard SetGS2901 No.
35Aluminium Absorber Disc SetAA2701 No.
36Copper Absorber SetCL2751 No.
37Geiger Counting SystemGC601A/GC602A1 No.
38End Window G.M.Tube (Halogen Quenched)GM120+GM1251 No.
39G.M. Detector (End window) standSG2001 No.
40Radioactive Source KitSK2101 No.
41Beta SourceSr901 No.
42Lead ShieldingLS2401 No.
43Aluminium Absorber SetAA2701 No.
44Absorber SetAS272+AS2731 No.
45MINIM Gamma Ray SpectrometerGR611M1 No.
46scintillation detectorSD151/152/152W1 No.
47Sliding bench with scintillation detector stand & source stand1 No.
48Gamma Reference Standard SetGS2901 No.
49Lead Absorbers SetLA2711 No.
50Software tutor for Experiments with Gamma Ray Spectrometer1 No.
51Data Communication Software for downloading the Counter / Timer unit stored readings into PCSoftware1 No.
52Cathode ray Oscilloscope70 MHz, 2 Channels (Convergent/​Tektronix)2 No.
53Specific heat by Newton’s law of cooling ApparatusExperiment set3 No.
54Stefan’s constant by Emissivity method ApparatusExperiment set3 No.
55Calibration of thermistor by Temperature measurement MethodExperiment set3 No.
56Calibration of thermocouple for temperature measurement apparatusExperiment set3 No.
57Thermal conductivity of bad conductor by Lee Charlton method ApparatusExperiment set3 No.
58Verification of Stefan’s Boltzmann law using potentiometerExperiment set3 No.
59Searle’s apparatus determination of thermal conductivity of CuExperiment set3 No.
60A.C. frequency using a sonometer ApparatusExperiment set3 No.
61Frequency of tuning fork by volume resonator apparatusExperiment set3 No.
62Lamp and scale arrangement for ballistic galvanometerExperiment set3 No.
63Moment of Inertia irregular body with chuck nutExperiment set3 No.
64Young’s modulus by Uniform BendingExperiment set3 No.
65Fly wheel Experiment setupExperiment set3 No.
66Bar Pendulum Experiment (acceleration due to gravity)Experiment set3 No.
67Verification of parallel and perpendicular axis theoremExperiment set3 No.
68Stokes apparatus for viscosityExperiment set3 No.
69Spring’s constant experimentExperiment set3 No.
70Simple Pendulum(Dependence Of Period On Amplitude Mass)Experiment set3 No.
71Post office box 3 ratio plug typeExperiment set3 No.
72Ballistic galvanometerExperiment set3 No.
73Tangent galvanometerExperiment set3 No.
74Study of Resonance in Seriesin LCR Circuits with Digital MetersExperiment set3 No.
75Oscillator for LCR circuitsAnalog, 1 Hz to 100 KHz3 No.
76Function Generator with digital frequency meter2 Hz to 2 MHz3 No.

Physics Lab 2

Particulars of the Facility

Total area of the lab: 67 sq m

Salient Features
Sl. NoName of the FacilitySpecificationsQuantity
1Reflector45 degree reflector4 No.
2Air WedgeGlass plates:2“x1”4 No.
3LENSFocal length=100cm3 No.
4Sodium Vapour Lamp35W with Lamp House & Transformer3 No.
5Diffraction GratingStandard-15000 LPI2 No.
6Mercury vapour lampdirect type2 No.
7Lamp housefor Hg2 No.
8Magnifying lenssmall12 No.
9Spirit levelfor spectrometer initial adjustment3 No.
10Photoelectric effect experimental kit For optics experiments1 No.
11Optical Breadboard with Rigid Support (800x600mm)For optics experiments1 No.
12Kinematic Laser Mount, Beam Splitter MountFor optics experiments1 No.
13Mirror Mount with Precision Translation StageFor optics experiments1 No.
14Rotation Stage, Screen with MountFor optics experiments1 No.
15Polarizer Rotator with Mount(Resolution 1°)For optics experiments1 No.
16Cell MountFor optics experiments1 No.
17XYZ Translation Stage(Resolution 0.01mm)For optics experiments1 No.
18Laser Fiber Coupler(Magnification 10X)For optics experiments1 No.
19Meter Scale MountFor optics experiments1 No.
20Fiber Chuck HolderFor optics experiments1 No.
21PMMA Rod and its mount For optics experiments1 No.
22Fiber Bending Loss ApparatusFor optics experiments1 No.
23Multi Mode Optical Fiber(735,240 microns)For optics experiments1 No.
24Mirror with Cell(Ф25 mm)For optics experiments1 No.
25Beam Splitter(50x50 mm)For optics experiments1 No.
26Plano Convex Lens with Cell(Ф30 mm)For optics experiments1 No.
27Diffraction CellsFor optics experiments1 No.
28Colour FiltersFor optics experiments1 No.
29Glass Tank(100x100x50 mm)For optics experiments1 No.
30Mounted Opto-Electronic DetectorsFor optics experiments1 No.
31Opto-Electronic Measurement Unit(230V AC / 50Hz)For optics experiments1 No.
32Diode Laser with Power supply (Red)For optics experiments1 No.
33Diode Laser with Power supply (Michelson Red)For optics experiments1 No.
34Diode Laser with Power supply (Red, without Lens)For optics experiments1 No.
35Detector Output Measurement UnitFor optics experiments1 No.
36PrismExperiment set3 No.
37Grating constant by normal incidence completeExperiment set3 No.
38Specific rotation of a solution using polarimeter kitExperiment set3 No.
39wavelength of a semiconductor laser diode by diffraction method kitExperiment set3 No.

Physics Lab 3

In this lab, the main focus is to ensure that students gain a comprehensive understanding of technical and engineering problems. They are also encouraged to innovate in diverse technical areas. 

Particulars of the Facility

Total area of the lab: 90 sq m

Salient Features
Sl. NoName of the FacilitySpecificationsQuantity
1LCR Resonancewith values L=11mH, C=0.101microF,R=100ohm4 No.
2Energy Gap of a Semiconductorrange from100-100KHz3 No.
3Planck’s ConstantModel: SM 205 with LED3 No.
4Dielectric constant measurementC= 1000, 2200,4200 micro farad3 No.
5Zener Diode characteristicsRange 0 – 1v(FB), 0 – 10v(RB)3 No.
6Solar Cell CharacteristicsSilicon solar cell, with lamp3 No.
7Spectrometer6″ dia5 No.
8Traveling MicroscopeBridge Type and 2 motion with brass bed Elfo9 No.
9Screw gaugenew make9 No.
10Vernier Calipers15cm6 No.
11ThermometerDigital5 No.
12Rectangular and circular discsfor Torsional pendulum5 No.
13Wooden beam and standsfor Rigidity modulus Expt5 No.
14Weights50 gms40 No.
15Stop clockDigital6 No.
16Pair of Chuck nutsfor Torsional pendulum6 No.
17Thin Steel wirefor Rigidity modulus Expt25mts
18Reading Lamp20W bulb12 No.
19Two pin wirescircuit Connecting wires50 No.
20Tool BoxStandard1 No.
21Flywheel8 inch solid type2 No.