Practice and practical application are crucial components of an education at the Ramaiah University of Applied Science and this is reflected in the well-planned facilities on our campuses.

The facilities give students the opportunity to master the skills necessary to develop a deep understanding of their fields. Students learn under the close guidance and supervision of faculty members and experts. The hands-on learning received in these labs give them a distinctive edge over their peers, helping them begin their careers as knowledgeable professionals. 

The facilities at FMPS include a comprehensive range of labs that cater to the needs of different departments and different fields of study. 

Chemistry Labs

  • Chemistry Lab 1a D201 small

FMPS has two well-equipped chemistry labs that complement theoretical learning and aid in research pursuits.

Physics Labs

  • Lab 2 2 C105 small

The Faculty’s three physics labs are designed and equipped to help students develop a better understanding of the theoretical concepts they learn in the classroom.