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Department of Mathematics and Statistics

As with other departments of the Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics was established in 2014. 

We believe that expertise in mathematics and statistics help strengthen an individual’s analytical and reasoning skills. Our aim, therefore, is to help students from different streams and programs build a strong foundation in these subjects through teaching that is accessible, engaging, and student-centric. 

Since its inception, the Department has made a conscious effort to evolve its capabilities in academia and research. It offers scholars a rich research environment, actively encouraging students and faculty members to push the boundaries of the fields they operate in. 

Interdisciplinary research is given top priority in the Department. Our experienced faculty members — who come from some of the most reputed national and international institutions — are at the forefront of research in the pure and applied branches of Mathematics and Statistics. 

In addition to an M. Sc in Applied Mathematics, the Department also offers academic research programs that attract students with varied interests. These programs are designed to mould scholars into independent thinkers and lifelong learners. They also help create researchers who are comfortable in both academia as well as industry.

Head of Department