Department of Physics

Many of the technological developments that have propelled humanity forward can be credited to a thorough understanding of physics. From quantum computers to renewable energy technologies, physics forms the strong foundation on which we not only understand the world of today, but plot the future of tomorrow. 

The Department of Physics was established under RUAS’s Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences in the year 2014. 

The Department offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs as well as academic research programs in the areas of fundamental and applied physics. Applied Solid State Physics, Nuclear Physics and Technology, and Optoelectronics are some of the specializations offered as part of the M. Sc. programs. 

In addition to programs by FMPS, the Department also supports programs offered by other faculties. 

Our highly-qualified faculty members are committed to moulding the curiosity-driven minds of students to help them become the future global leaders of science and technology.

Head of Department