Research Centres

RUAS’s comprehensive approach to education includes a strong emphasis on research. Our research efforts seek to bridge the gap between academics and industry, creating a better understanding of the field of study while also resolving industry-specific problems. 

The Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (FMPS) — through its collaborations with research centres inside and outside of RUAS — is actively involved in interdisciplinary research. The Faculty focuses on evidence-based knowledge creation and is home to eight well-equipped research centres. 

Software Engineering and Big Data Modelling Research Centre

This Centre facilitates research in the modeling, simulation, and analysis of multidimensional statistical and machine learning algorithms for big data analytics. Spearheaded by members of the Department of Mathematics, this research is crucial for cellular networks, computer networks, climate, agriculture, medicine, and business intelligence.

The Centre also works on refining the quality metrics for big data analytics as well as devising prescriptive and predictive analytics for diverse application, modeling, and prediction using regression analysis. 

At present, the Centre is actively looking at developing joint initiatives with other universities, research centres, and industries to resolve socially-relevant problems.

Composite Materials and Technologies Research Centre

This Centre explores the design and development of cost-effective and ecofriendly engineering solutions in the form of composite materials. The members of FMPS have, at present, made significant progress in understanding the magnetic, electrical, optical, and thermal properties of new and varied functional materials. Their work holds potential for application in the fields of defense, aerospace, energy harvesting, environmental remediation, storage systems, etc. 

The Centre is now channeling its efforts towards the modeling and simulation of stationary plasma thrusters as well as the development of sensors for different applications. 

Sanitation, Waste Management and Environmental Engineering Research Centre

Members of FMPS are actively involved in the activities of the Centre and are working towards developing solutions for waste management and environmental remediation processes. The work of the Centre includes the development of bio-based, nanomaterials and functionalized plant-derived materials for waste treatment. 

Centre for Batteries and Biofuel Research

Over the last couple of years, batteries have experienced fast-growing interest. At this Centre, members of FMPS are involved in developing efficient and active functional composite materials for advanced storage and delivery devices. 

Automotive Technologies Research Centre

With a sharp focus on Automotive Technologies, this Centre seeks to delve into the research themes of linear and non-linear stability analysis, heat transport, and porous medium.

Energy and Power Systems Research Centre

This Centre is working towards the development of energy harvesting systems by conducting research in the field of hydrodynamic instability, the Rayleigh-Benard Convection, etc. 

Biomaterials Research Centre

Some of the research themes explored by this Centre are: crystal engineering of organic small molecules, structure property correlation, studies on solid forms of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), semiconducting nano and bulk materials for the photocatalytic treatment of dyes and organic pollutants, antimicrobial properties of the materials, and doping and compositing of materials to enhance the activity.

Its research objectives also includes: synthesis of chitosan and caprolactam-based biomaterials, in- vitro antioxidant studies of newly derived biomaterials, extraction of natural products, and the study of structural and dynamic properties of lipid nanomaterials and membrane proteins for their uses in drug discovery.

Photonics Research Centre

The Centre conducts scientific research in a wide range of areas extending from material growth to complex integrated circuit and photonic devices. It is in the process of developing integrated photonics technology on a variety of substrates for signal processing, data communication, novel bio-chemical fiber-optic sensors and sensor systems. The field of optical properties of transparent thin films (absorption, fluorescence and NLO properties) is another area of research for the Centre.