The Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences has three departments that cover the various programmes offered by it.

Established in 2014, the Department of Physics offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs as well as academic research programs. Applied Solid State Physics, Nuclear Physics and Technology, and Optoelectronics are the focus of the Department’s M. Sc. programs. It also supports other faculties with their programs in related fields.

The Department of Chemistry offers well-structured undergraduate, postgraduate, and academic research programs. It’s M. Sc. programs offer specializations in Industrial Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. Additionally, it also extends teaching support to other departments and faculties.

The aim of this department is to help students from different streams and programs build a strong foundation in the subjects of mathematics and statistics. The Department offers an M. Sc. in Applied Mathematics, and promotes interdisciplinary research, encouraging students as well as faculty members to pursue research.